This Friday!

Thanks to everyone for pledging to our Kickstarter. We appreciate every dollar of support and are so fortunate to have met our goal. However, you can still donate until Dec. 11th. Again, every donation helps us produce a more polished product to give back to our loyal fans. So keep it up; we have some tasty goodies to offer.


For those of in you in Los Angeles, we wanted to let you know that we’re doing a special gig at The Viper Room this Friday night and we have a limited $10 guest list that we want to offer YOU a spot on first.  We’re playing with our friends Huntress, Ides Of Gemini and Moab so it’s gonna be a killer show!

November 11, 2011 - Cobra Venom, Moab, Huntress, Ides of Gemini at the Viper Room

Cobra Venom is on first at 8 pm so if you can make it, let us know and we’ll hook you up. Contact us on facebook or through our email and we’ll make it happen. See ya soon!