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Warriors EP

PONE 007. Released 2014.

Our new 7-inch release comes in two forms: lean digital and rustic vinyl. Either way you choose, the record tastes delicious.


  1. Opiates and Energy Drinks
  2. Fullerton PD
  3. Face Hits the Ground
  4. KSW
  5. Macho Insecurity



Only $10.

All vinyl purchases come with a free digital download.

For digital orders, visit our page on Bandcamp.

Extinction Reality

PONE 006. Released 2012.

Realized and recorded in the heart of downtown Los Angeles, Extinction Reality howls with speed and ferocity.


  1. Extinction Reality
  2. Too Dead to Run
  3. Whale Carcass = Shark Orgy
  4. I Have Bomb in Truck
  5. Cold War Battle
  6. Life on Land
  7. Fight or Die
  8. It’s a Trap
  9. Ghost Ninja
  10. Equivocator
  11. The New Gladiators
  12. Fascination
  13. The Plastic Era



Only $10.

For digital orders, visit iTunes.

Cobra Venom EP

PONE 004. Released 2010.

Our first official recording, featuring our first four songs. Brash and unapologetic, this album features more bite than a Brisk iced tea.


  1. Life on Land
  2. The New Gladiators
  3. It’s a Trap
  4. Ghost Ninja



Only $5.