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To the North

LA’s getting gloomy and the chills are starting to creep up. So we’ve decided to head north to find even gloomier pastures and hang out with even chiller creeps.

Eugene. Portland. Concord?

We’re very excited to get out of town, play with some fine folks, guzzle some doughnuts and see some familiar faces. There’s not much else to say, so check out the dates here. I’ll do my best to document this tour, but I’ve definitely had trouble in the past with my phone dying. You’d think that I’d be smarter about it after a couple tours, but it seems like touring is the time to throw caution to the wind and cigarette butts at oncoming CHP officers.

Wish us safe travels and we hope to see you at a Diamond Center near you!

Viva Vegas Viva!

Round 2 brings us back to Yayo Tacos, in addition to the Bunkhouse Saloon, for the first time. Dan is looking forward to more Dunkin’. Nel’s hyped for more gambling. Christian’s got a hankering for sluts. And Marc aims to nap during the entire trip. It should be a pretty amazing trip.

Come out, dance around, and take home some new merch!

xoxo, CV