To the North

LA’s getting gloomy and the chills are starting to creep up. So we’ve decided to head north to find even gloomier pastures and hang out with even chiller creeps.

Eugene. Portland. Concord?

We’re very excited to get out of town, play with some fine folks, guzzle some doughnuts and see some familiar faces. There’s not much else to say, so check out the dates here. I’ll do my best to document this tour, but I’ve definitely had trouble in the past with my phone dying. You’d think that I’d be smarter about it after a couple tours, but it seems like touring is the time to throw caution to the wind and cigarette butts at oncoming CHP officers.

Wish us safe travels and we hope to see you at a Diamond Center near you!

A New Hope

We’ve finally caught up to the 21st century: we’re pressing vinyl. 15 minutes at 33 rpm, and we’re loading it up with as much material as we can. If it was a live album, we could probably fit 8 songs, but since we decided to record our songs as we originally intended, we’re fitting roughly 4-5 songs on this record. All new stuff, but they’re all definitely club-bangers.

I know, exciting stuff.

Aside from the whole vinyl aspect of this pressing, another exciting thing to note is that we’ll be including a special cover. We had released the recording of “Breaking the Law” earlier this year, so don’t worry, we won’t be including Judas Priest on this record. Instead, we chose another song from our collection of covers, so you can definitely try to track down and bug those folks to help you figure out what it’ll be.

So that’s that. We’re only doing a small pressing, so we’re asking for only 500 bones. Any sort of donation is muchly appreciated, so don’t feel like you have to break your piggy bank. But we are also offering up some tasty gift packages, so maybe something might just catch your eye just in time for Father’s Day.

Either way, we appreciate your continued support. See you in the pit!

New Merch page is up!

Our merchandise page is finally up and running at full capacity. We have a a few items currently, but we’re slowly building out our inventory. With cart-capability, bundling all of your favorite Cobra Venom items into one, convenient shopping cart is easier than ever. Or you can save the shipping and just get your swag at our upcoming shows. Bay area, I’m looking at you.

Anyway, we have a sweet $5 sale on our original logo shirt, and our first full-length is available as well. Spare speakers not included. Click here to start shopping.

You can And if you happen to have any requests, feel free to shovel them our way at

Recording is for chumps


So we happen to be chumps. Thanks again to all the kickstarter backers who pledged, because these covers are sounding pretty amazing. I hate to be an optimist, but maybe we cobra venom should focus its efforts into becoming a wedding band.
Remember how Jon lovitz convinced drew barrymore to invest in a DJ? Cobra Venom would convince her right back to a wedding band. And then she would marry us all, except for Nelson, Dan and Christian, who are already married to their instruments.
Anyway, Christian just added some reverb to all of the tracks and it looks like were just about done recording these covers. I hope you’re excited… :)


A fairly dormant month

April’s been full of a lot of R&R: retching and recording. We’ve spent a good time learning other folks songs for our exclusive Kickstarter backers, as we also prepare to push out our debut full-length in May. Without going into too much detail about the record, I’m very pleased with how the artwork came out and I’m super excited about the other goodies we get to build. There’s so much to do and so little time, but we’re taking a break from our responsibilities and playing a goddamn show.

April 30th is the date, and Skinny’s is the location. They even provided us with a fantastic flyer.
Boredom won’t get me tonight.

We’re on a boat

Ignore the obvious dumb joke. This two-day fest promises to be pretty fucking fun. Death by Stereo headlines Friday, but more notably, CV and our brethren, Panties, raise the stakes on night two. Check out the flyer below and contact us for some cheap pre-sale tix for only $10.

I'm on a Boat Music Festival flyer

I’m On A Boat Fest is a music festival unlike any other, it takes place aboard the Historic Queen Mary of Long Beach. The event has something for everybody, from the wide variety of music that is performed live to the tasty festival style foods and beverages. The event also features a wide variety of Industry vendors, social gatherings, and different attractions aboard the ship that everyone can enjoy over the weekend.

There are 8 stages separated by music genre with 4 themed areas. Throughout the weekend there will be a powerhouse of over 200 of southern california’s most electrifying bands, artists, and Dj’s performing. Special Guest Headliners include Street Drum Corps, Death By Stereo, Call the Cops, All Shall Perish, Carnifex, Jamie’s Elsewhere and more tba.

I’m On A Boat Fest is presented to you by Evans Lager, also sponsoring the event is Sullen Clothing, Rockstar Energy Drink, Nead, OC Weekly, and No Control Magazine. Get Ready!

  • Friday, March 9th 4PM- 1:30AM
  • Saturday, March 10th 11:30AM – 1:30AM
  • Rain or Shine
  • All Ages
  • Industry Vendors
  • Haunted Ship Tours
  • Full bars for those of age


A New Year is for New Things…

First of all, thank you so much to everyone who pledged to our Kickstarter. Thanks to you, we doubled our goal and raised a total of $2,232. With our record almost completely mixed, we’re very much excited to move forward and get everything else in order. That means production on all the fine goodies we promised to give away. So thanks, a lot.

In regards to everyone who donated over $100, please get your song cover ideas in order so that we can start learning em. You have a lenient deadline of January 15th.

In more news, our first show of the new year is on January 14th. We’re playing alongside some rad folks, including our friends, Winterthrall and Internal Corrosion. Tickets are only $10 and you can order them here.

Homeless One Productions presents Abysmal Dawn, Winterthrall, Exhausted Prayer, Internal Corrosion, All Gods Kill, Eden's Onslaught, Cyanic (San Jose), Salimus, Let Them Burn, Cobra Venom, Demise of Itylus, Lethal Intent

Happy holidays, everyone! Be safe in the new year.

A Busy Week

So this week’s already shaping up to be quite a whirlwind. Our buddies, Internal Corrosion and Life’s Torment, are knees deep in their South-West Plague Tour and we’re tagging along for a few days in support. Check out the flyers below for the details, but the short version is the Doll Hut in Anaheim (tonight!), 5 Star Bar in DTLA (dec. 07) and CideShow Studios in Gardena (dec. 09).

Also, please send out your warmest thoughts to Dan, as he’s recovering from a pretty rough car accident this morning.

The Clock is Ticking…

We don’t have a lot of time left in our Kickstarter campaign to produce the first COBRA VENOM album! We want to extend a huge thanks to those who have already pledged! Right now, everyone else that contributes will be serving two purposes: 1) this is your chance to PRE-ORDER the record (along with a whole lot of other cool package deals!) and 2) your contribution will help us make a great finished product. Donations as low as $5 will get you an album’s worth of new Cobra Venom recordings, so make sure you check out the link below and get involved!


This Friday!

Thanks to everyone for pledging to our Kickstarter. We appreciate every dollar of support and are so fortunate to have met our goal. However, you can still donate until Dec. 11th. Again, every donation helps us produce a more polished product to give back to our loyal fans. So keep it up; we have some tasty goodies to offer.


For those of in you in Los Angeles, we wanted to let you know that we’re doing a special gig at The Viper Room this Friday night and we have a limited $10 guest list that we want to offer YOU a spot on first.  We’re playing with our friends Huntress, Ides Of Gemini and Moab so it’s gonna be a killer show!

November 11, 2011 - Cobra Venom, Moab, Huntress, Ides of Gemini at the Viper Room

Cobra Venom is on first at 8 pm so if you can make it, let us know and we’ll hook you up. Contact us on facebook or through our email and we’ll make it happen. See ya soon!

Viva Vegas Viva!

Round 2 brings us back to Yayo Tacos, in addition to the Bunkhouse Saloon, for the first time. Dan is looking forward to more Dunkin’. Nel’s hyped for more gambling. Christian’s got a hankering for sluts. And Marc aims to nap during the entire trip. It should be a pretty amazing trip.

Come out, dance around, and take home some new merch!

xoxo, CV

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